Dragon Ball Rage Codes – Roblox – April 2021

All the valid Dragon Ball Rage Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by iStormChase – Get tons of zenkai (in-game coin), and x2 XP boosts

dragon ball rage codes

Dragon Ball Rage Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Get tons of zenkai (in-game coin), and x2 XP boosts

These are all the valid & new codes

  • Ralex4ev3r: Use this code to receive a free Zenkai boost (New)
  • SUB2DANIELGT: Use this code to receive a free Zenkai boost
  • D3V_4U: Use this code to receive a free zenkai as reward.
  • Sub2Metalizer: Use this code to receive 1 million stats as reward
  • D1SC_B00ST3R: (Only for booster players) Use this code to receive a free x5 Xp

More codes soon, so stay tuned, because we will update this list with every new code so you don’t miss any of the rewards

Dragon Ball Rage social media channels:

  • Twitter: @Rage_RBX
  • Youtube: Dracius
  • Discord: Dragon Ball Rage

Follow all the DB Rage social media channels if you want to be notified anout new updates

Dragon Ball Rage Expired Codes

All the codes work, but try to claim them before the next update

  • S0rryGuys: Use this code to receive a free zenkai as reward.
  • Sa1y4nB1zmo34: Use this code to receive 2 hours of double stats as reward.

Dragon Ball Rage Codes – How to Redeem?

See the Menu button? Below Energy and to the left of the stats. Click on Menu, then on Codes, the last button, enter the code, click on redeem and check your reward

If you don’t find any of the buttons or you want to see how to redeem them, check this video guide made by Gaming Dan

How to play Dragon Ball Rage? Roblox Game by iStormChase

Fight your enemies, friends, and rivals in Dragon Ball Rage. Unlock epic skills. Will you be the strongest?

[Q]: Ki Blast (train ki)
[E]: Combat (train attack and agility)
[R]: Ki Self (train defense)
[B]: Long Transform
[N]: Short Transform
[V]: Aura Toggle
[X]: Hover your mouse over someone and press X to lock on
[SPACE]: Double tap space to fly
[SHIFT]: Hold Shift to run/speed fly

Current Max: 155 Million (ZENKAI 35)
Limit Breaker Max: 160 Million (ZENKAI 35)
Zenkai Boost Max: 35

Scripter: iDracius
Builders: CrutchBazooka, TheBeastSword, KingXerviux
Head Admin: OIdTaterTots

No refunds!

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