Wife Trainer Console Commands (How to Enable Cheat)

Here are all console commands for Wife Trainer game. if you do not know how to enable cheat. you can also follow our tutorial.

How to Enable Cheat in Wife Trainer Game?

You can extract RPA archives (using built in rpatool), decompile RPYC files (using built in unrpyc), enable the console and developer menu for Ren’Py games and more.

No dependencies, no internet connection required. You can right click->edit to see the source. Works on Windows 7, 8 and 10. XP and Vista users might need this PowerShell update from Microsoft:

1. Copy UnRen.bat to either the game’s root directory (where the exe is) or the /game/ folder
2. Double click on UnRen.bat to execute
3. Select the option you require

Wife Trainer Console Commands

Before using UnRen open the game and make a save because the option to start a game vanishes, but you have the option to load.

All console commands should be entirely in lower case.

MC cheats 100000 (I’ve found if you set it high you only need to do it once.
player.hypnosis_level += 10

Location cheats
add tag ‘das_access’ to player – Dark Arts Store access
add tag ‘club_access’ to player – Club access

Client cheats
Client names are:

An example of a client stat change would be

[name].training_period=1 (use this when you want to end training and move on to post client content)
[name].remove_tag(‘trained_this_week’) (to train a girl more than once each week)
rem tags ‘trained_today’ ‘trained_this_week’ from [name] Combines the 2 above commands

jasmine.photod_in_public_week_for_event=100 (if you let the public take photos of jasmine she will be found out and leave as a client, this doesn’t back it out but postpones when she gets found out until week 100)

rae.location = eros_store (if Rae has vanished from store)
bree.location = steel_trap (if Bree has vanished store)
summon [name] no_follows (to make character follow you)
dismiss [name] to stop character following you and send them away

change [name] hypno_sessions_this_week by -1 no_message (This gives the player 101 hypno sessions per person per week)
change player max_weekly_hypno_sessions_per_person by 100 no_message (this allows the MC to hold more hypno sessions) Both these need to applied

To alter the status of post traing clients to girlfriend/slavegirl.
call convert(lauren, ‘girlfriend’, status_to_post_training = True)
call convert(lauren, ‘slavegirl’, status_to_post_training = True)

add 1 lingerie to player
add 1 dildo to player
add 1 love_potion to player
add 1 transformation_potion to player
add 1 butt_plug to player

A reminder, you can use the up arrow in the console window to scroll back through previous commands and then edit them or reuse them
If your unsure of a command that adds values use a + sign instead of an = sign if it doesn’t error you can then press the up arrow and edit the + for an equals.

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